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Sant Pol de Mar

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Sandsock has been focused on the distribution of fashion brands since 2008, establishing a well-established network of shops in the relevant strategic cities and towns around Spain, France, Portugal, and Andorra. 

Nowadays, Sandock’s market knowledge ensure Brands a detailed approach to their customers, therefore, scaling up growth at a steady continuous rhythm.

Stock Service


Sandsock maintains a strong sales force team, focused on placing brands where they perform better.

Stocks are controlled from two automated warehouses in Barcelona and Sant Pol de Mar (50 km from Barcelona’s Port) having a total of  4.800 m2 of storage supervised by an expert team, working with the latest technologies to maintain good stock levels.


Customers have access to Sandsock's B2B, allowing them to work with ready for service stock, proving an effective and reliable supply chain.