1st of November 2016

Mistral International Welcomes Sandsock, as its Newest Licensee

At yesterdays historic signing in Barcelona, from left
Mr. Marc Pejo - C.C.O Sandsock
Ado Huisman - CEO Mistral International 
Mr. Josep Arenas  - CEO and Founder Sandsock

Welcome on Board!

Mistral International are extremely pleased to announce the signing of a License Contract with Sandsock in Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona, Spain) for socks and underwear (including technical) for the whole of Europe, excluding Italy.

Sandsock has an important liaison with the Global Brands Group in New York USA, located on iconic 5th Avenue. The contract will start on 1st of November 2016 and it is their intention to introduce Mistral products throughout the whole of Europe, beginning February 2017.

We would like to welcome Mr  Josep Arenas (CEO) and Marc Pejo (CCO) on  Board, who both have a long experience in the market, Marc for example, worked for many years at Nike ‘s European Head Office based in the Netherlands.

For our current Mistral Licensees, this could be of interest to you directly, as Sandsock is open and prepared to serve you within your specific market with their products. As soon as their Mistral product line is ready, we will introduce it to you all for your consideration.

Meet The NEW 2016 - 2017 BRANDS




C/ St. Galderic, 22 - 08395

Sant Pol de Mar

+34 93 760 35 16


Sandsock, S.L.  C/ St. Galderic, 22 - 08395 Sant Pol de Mar - Barcelona - Spain - +34 93 760 35 16

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